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Linkwhacking – A Twitter phenomenon

If you use Twitter you’ll probably be familiar with the various link shortening sites used to crunch those long URLs down to something you can squeeze in a Twitter post. This is the same for images. Attach an image to a post and the image is saved on a server and a replaced with a short URL. Twitpic, Yfrog and Twitgoo are all good examples. I noticed that the links it returned had random charters at the end, like so…

So, as usual, this got me thinking. Could I just type any characters after the URL and still get an image? Like so:

Was any image ever given a rude word? Has anyone even noticed? Turns out the answer was yes to all of the above.

Not quite figured out what a ‘good’ one is yet but it’s maybe “the word you type in represents image itself” or the super rare, your name is the text AND you are in the image too. Not sure if it has a name yet either, so I’m notionally calling it Linkwhacking after the GoogleWhacking phenomenon from back in 2001. Seems appropriate.

Anyways, here’s are some I’ve found…
Little does she know who she’s linked to
Jamba Juice seems pretty addictive
iPhone 3Gs? Nope, it a Nokia
Bit of a cheat but sn0w has snow in the pic. Nearly!
Hmmm, a Ducati 848 in red… cute!
Sad when you can get it all in one box
What’s not to like? Win!
Caption reads “French EU Presidency: Facing an Environmental Emergency.” Fail!
Ironic how Iraq is the quintessential American scene
Seems innocuous until you realise it’s a team called The Bombers. Doh!
Suitably digital
Just wrong in so many ways

Having visited a fair few of the pages, many of the comments left with the images are from fellow ‘linkwhackers’, so it’s clearly being noticed already.

So now the hunt is on for more. It works equally well on other image sharing servers, so go find some my friends. Would be interested to hear what you find.

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