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My first Google Adsense cheque… to a good cause.

A few years back, I posted a video onto YouTube showing the difference between the various exhausts I owned for my Ducati. Fairly basic stuff and only of interest to a few. Surprisingly, it has just passed 211k views and doesn’t really show too many signs of stopping any time soon. It attracted enough interest for Google to start running ads on the YouTube page. I didn’t get much, a few pence a day maybe, but it all ads up.

And now I’m the proud owner of a genuine Google Adsense cheque for £60.62. Well, I was. It’s been paid into the bank and I’ve made a donation of £60.62 to Riders for Health. I figured I didn’t actually earn the money and Riders for Health do such a good job providing motorcycle transport to Africa, they deserve it more than I do.

** UPDATE, I updated the description on the YouTube page to say that the AdSense money had cone to charity… so Google shut down my account. Weird. Turns out that telling people that the ad money went to charity is a breach of policy. I kinda get it, as it may make some people click the ads for the wrong reason. But still, bit harsh maybe. I’ve appealed against it and removed the description, but Google refuse to reinstate the account. Come on Google…


On a biking note, the SEO is pretty good. Just Googling “Ducati 748” shows my video as the top result for videos. On YouTube, just typing “Ducati” puts me in the top 6 results, just below Valentino Rossi! And if that wasn’t funky enough, I was sat having a cup of tea and a pie at the Ace Cafe, the famous biker cafe in north London, when a guy recognised me from the video. Not exactly Justin Beiber level fame but it’s nice to be noticed once in a while.

And finally, here’s the video one more time…