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Go go GoPro! Jan 2014

Few random moments captured on camera commuting from East Finchley to Old Street. All taken during 3 weeks in Jan 2014.

For the record… Yes, I stop at ALL red lights… wear a helmet… also ride 2 motorbikes and I drive a car. Yes, that means I do actually pay 3 lots of road tax, so don’t start with that one! Yes the woman crossing on a green light with her baby should know better. The cyclist crossing on a pedestrian crossing is a complete nob. The woman springing out through queueing traffic should have crossed at the lights… the 3 policemen at the lights weren’t impressed with her. And yes, the bus driver did get an earful. I had loads of fun too. What’s not to like!

Filmed using a GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition with helmet mount. See it bigger on YouTube


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