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Dinosaw Weekly Innovation Podcast 2022 Week 48

Your weekly video podcast of 7 curious, interesting and hopefully useful innovation stories from the world of tech, advertising, science, patents and just about everything in-between.

** CORRECTION ** As If The BMX trick clip I used wasn’t nuts enough, the actual one is EVEN more mind blowing… Well spotted @mrjop

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In this episode you’ll find…
00:00 Welcome to the Dinosaw
00:06 12ft:paywall remover
00:46 ZeroEGGS:Example gesture Generation from Speech
02:00 Apple privacy may not be a thing
03:29 Post Quantum algorithms agreed
04:45 Welcome to Ronnagrams and quettameters
05:54 New York passed its anti-crypto mining law
06:57 This year’s best bike trick
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