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For sale, 2005 (54 plate) BMW F650 GS in yellow. I originally bought the bike from a family clearing the estate of their uncle who had passed away. The bike came with two keys but no paperwork. It was however in great condition and had been recently purchased from Park Land BMW in London (the place where rich people get their BMWs), so I was very happy to take a punt on it. I’m the 2nd owner. I’ve not used a huge amount, the occasional commute and trip to the MotoGP. It’s never been thrashed, crashed or abused. It’s always been garaged and maintained by myself (see below for overview of main work done). Because it didn’t have a service history and I look after my other bikes myself, I have done the same here. It’s had pads, oil, coolant, tyres, clutch cables etc whenever it has needed them. If you want a full service history at a main dealer, you may want to look elsewhere. It comes with heated grips, centre stand, ABS, hazard lights, full BMW paniers and top box (with ignition coded key), BMW-fitted stainless Remus exhaust, adjustable rear shock to alter the ride height. I’m 5′ 11″ and can easily reach the floor with the shock in its highest setting, so it’s perfect for anyone below that too.

It’s never broken down, it’s always reliable and is equally at home on the motorway, lane-splitting down grid-locked city centres or faffing around off road in deepest Africa or green laning in the Pennines. You may need different tyres if you’re off to Africa though. I’m selling it as I occasionally go into London and it doesn’t pass the new ULEZ emissions. If you never plan to go into central London, that will never be an issue.

It’s a late 2004 bike and has done just over 20k miles and has the usual wear and tear you’d expect from a 15 year old bike. That said, it’s in really great shape. Paint and bodywork are almost as new. Rims, spoke, forks etc. have no corrosion. I’m not one for hoodwinking so I’ve added a list at the end of the page of what you’ll notice if you came to see the bike.

If you want a solid, bullet-proof, well cared for, super-capable bike with loads of luggage space and those all-important heated grips and hand guards for the British weather, this could very well be the one.


  • Model: 2004 BMW F650 GS
  • Yellow
  • 20,050 miles (as of 13/04/2019)
  • 650 single Rotax engine
  • ABS
  • Centre stand and side stand
  • Adjustable rear ride height
  • Heated grips
  • Top box and pannier mountings
  • Remus exhaust (road legal)
  • Full, official BMW (expandable) paniers and top box
  • 2 original keys


  • 2 owners from new
  • Purchased from Park Lane BMW
  • I bought it after first owner passed away, no documents came with it unfortunately.
  • Covered low milage per year, roughly 1000-1500 miles.
  • Ever crashed or been on its side
  • Garaged


  • I’ve performed the majority of the servicing as it has covered very few miles each year. Here are the main points:
  • New starter solenoid (roughly 2 months ago)
  • New gel battery (2 months ago)
  • 2 new Metzeler Tourance tyres (roughly 1000 miles ago)
  • Clutch plates and cable replaced (roughly 3 years ago)
  • Fork seals replaced and full service / oil (roughly 4 years ago)
  • New rear brake master cylinder master (roughly 5 years ago)
  • Essentially, it just keeps going and very few things go wrong!

The honesty list

It’s a 15 year old bike, so here’s what you’ll notice if you came to look at the bike…

  • The paint on the front of the engine is a bit flaky. This is where the winter grime has got under the grey paint. It’s purely cosmetic. Likewise, the engine / bash guard thing was never painted so has a “weathered aluminium” look, but is also completely sound. I just never needed to hid it by painting it.
  • The grey fork lower stanchion paint didn’t appreciate being jet washed once and has a few faint marks in the (actually pretty basic) stippled finish.
  • There’s the odd rusty bolt here and there, but again, nothing other than cosmetic.
  • There are a few bits and bobs of surface rust in the less beautiful places that dangle in the road filth, like on the centre stand, but again, cosmetic only. I figure it’s honest and well earned. It’s a tin of Hammerite away from being solved.
  • One of the paniers (the right one) has a slight biff in the corner. It’s been straighten out pretty well. As you can see, I haven’t tried hiding it with stickers as most seem to do.
  • The wing mirrors are original BMW mirrors, someone unscrewed mind and made off with them. I know! These a good replacements from Ebay. In fact, they are slightly less tall and angles out which really help when filtering.
  • You should be able to zoom into the photos above to see all of this stuff but LMK if you want more detail.