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Kids and entertainment

I’ve always been in the marketing world and I fuse this with my specialist interests in the kids, family and entertainment sectors. Creating experiences that create smiles, promote learning, bring people together or simply make people say ‘wow’ is what drives me.

Movie marketing

This was a multi-phase destination site for Disney’s iconic Alice in Wonderland remake by Tim Burton. I’ve launched over 45 movies for Disney alone including Pixar Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical, Pixar’s UP and Toy Story 2 and 3.



I was the head of games at Fox Kids (now Disney XD) for 4 years and have created over 100 kids games for clients to date. Games are a great way to educate and entertain kids. Many can be seen on my main homepage but some popular highlights are Mr Men Pinball, Zoikz and Xbox Party Mansion.

The official Mr Men site was created to follow how kids saw the Mr Men… personality first, not content sections like other sites. Each character had it’s own game to introduce their characteristics. That’s a lot of games.


Time for a Story – virtual storytelling

Originally created to help introduce Noddy to the US as a brand that made a real difference to pre-schooler’s lives. The concept was to allow parents (and grandparents) to read and interact with stories over video call with their kids. Microsoft were so keen, they ended up co-sponsoring the project.


BBC Children’s CD-Roms

I started my kids digital content with a bang when I was commissioned by the BBC to create the first Pingu CD-ROM. I was the creator, creative director and developer, working with a small but hugely dedicated team. I then went on to work on the Teletubbies, Noddy, Blue Peter and Wallace and Gromit CD-Roms too. The Noddy CD-Rom won an BAFTA too.

I created a few games for Hasbro’s Action Man while at Fox Kids and they gave me the entire site to create. I did everything from design, game development, activity creation, copy writing, competition management and localisation in 8 languages… each month, for 2 years… while creating all the other games and sites for Fox Kids.


Virtual world consultancy

I have consulted heavily and have experience creating the strategy, social economy and technical underpinnings for kids virtual worlds. I have also set up and run kids gaming platforms with rewards, highscores and competitions.

IP creation

As a founding member of Digital Outlook’s IP creation business, we vetted, commissioned and developed our own intellectual properties. these included my own Zoikz franchise which has spawned two games on Miniclip, a cartoon strip in Toxic Magazine and a TV show concept in development. Other examples are Aardman’s Jellybeats and VivaVoodoo.


Illustration and kids design

I never wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut, my first wish was to be a cartoonist. Luckily I get to practice, making games and sites for kids.


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