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Huston, we have Kinect data…

Earlier today I saw “Unnamed Soundsculpture” by Daniel Franke, a really evocative and quite strange video that combined Kinect data, live dance and Processing.

So that got me thinking I should have a go, albeit on a much more basic level. It’s early doors but if you want to get started with Kinect and Processing, there’s a great starter guide here.

So just to prove it really does work, here’s me made out of nothing but depth data.


And this is an example of what the IR camera sees.

The exciting thing is that the depth data is available as a single array of depth points in 3D space, so it’s ripe for fiddling with to create all sorts of effects. Clearly this needs fiddling with, so I’ll post a few creations when I’ve dug a little deeper.

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