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10 year old DinoDump from 2009

It turns out I’ve been doing these innovation updates for 10 years this month so though it would be interesting to dig out the very first one. Sure, the links don’t work any more (literally, you can’t click them in the PDF) but it’s an interesting look back at what was making the tech marketing news in 2009.

Link to the PDF (750k) here or just scroll down to see the screenshots.

Some highlights from 2009…

  • Netflix streaming on consoles just 2 years after web streaming started
  • Face tracking and AR were a thing back then too
  • The iPhone had only just come to the UK and we could now make apps via the API
  • Brands were experimenting with quirky platforms to find new audiences
  • Digital was going to overtake all media platforms then too! ?
  • Flash was underpinning everything, even YouTube

Enjoy the flashback…

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