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Dinosaw Weekly Innovation Podcast 2022 Week 51

Your weekly video podcast of 7 curious, interesting and hopefully useful innovation stories from the world of tech, advertising, science, patents and just about everything in-between.

Correction: The Zwift thing, I meant VO2Max, not power “Zwift says that given the rider’s weight, this equates to a sustained output of 8.5W/kg, which in turn would require a VO2Max of 90. Zwift goes on to note that the highest-known Tour de France or Olympic Pursuiters have a VO2Max of about 85.”

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In this episode you’ll find…
00:00 Welcome to the Dinosaw
00:06 Nuclear fusion break-through
00:55 Apple Advanced data Protection
02:22 Gorillaz release track in AR video
03:20 Anti-pee paint
04:04 UCI Zwift Race gets hacked
05:40 China bans AI artwork without watermarks
07:18 Trump Digital Cards NFT collection
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