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I’m one of those strange mixes of technical, strategy and creative. I’m constantly looking for the newest, most effective ways to get a brand or product noticed, loved and shared.

Viral video – Project Black Mirror

This viral campaign was created to launch Channel 4’s new drama Black Mirror. It fed upon the hype for the just-release iPhone Siri feature and made people believe Siri could be mind-controlled. My role was to make it happen, create the actual electronics and write the script. From conception to delivery took 4 days.

Webcam face tracking and face substitution – VIP

A project currently in development for a prime-time impression show. This Facebook app allows users to use their web cam to see their face replaced by a celebrity. They can then record an impression and submit it to the public gallery or share on their timeline. This is the promotional clip created to intro the app.

Client ‘innovation dumps’

I’d love to spread my passion for innovation, especially to colleagues and clients. I run client innovation sessions – hour long innovation updates at their offices, educating their teams, making them excited and comfortable with new technology. These are great as an ice-breaker for new or prospective clients.

** The example above is a flattened PDF for convenience so all links and videos are disabled, but you hopefully get the idea.

Xbox Kinect experiments in Processing

To understand the possibilities, you often have to experiment yourself. This is an example of using a new development language called Processing to hack the Xbox Kinect. I used the colour data from the webcam to colour live depth data from the infrared camera… in 3D. This understanding opens up interesting avenues for live installations or 3d video capture.

Unity 3D high quality browser game – Sorcerer’s Apprentice

This project was inspired by a fast-paced driving sequence around New York featured in the movie. The game used cutting edge 3D browser technology, Unity 3D to deliver a near-console level of graphics and 3D effects directly in a web browser. The same technology was used in different guises for Tron Legacy and Pixar Cars 2.

Video chat interactive story telling platform – Noddy

Originally created to help introduce Noddy to the US as a brand that made a real difference to pre-schooler’s lives. The concept was to allow parents (and grandparents) to read and interact with stories over video call with their kids. Microsoft were so keen, they ended up co-sponsoring the project.

Adding 3D mapped faces to movie trailers – Tron Legacy

The goal of any movie marketing campaign prior to release is to get people to see the trailer. This campaign used innovative face mapping and replacement technology to snap the user’s face on Facebook and then deliver a fully rendered movie trailer back where they were the star. I worked with the research lab to bring this code to commercial fruition with Disney. A version was also created in HD specifically for the primetime Letterman Show in the US. This link show the final video that a fan has uploaded to Youtube.

The first promotional site mashup on Google Earth – Pirates of the Caribbean

This innovate marketing campaign used the just-launched Google Earth to create an entirely new content experience. A new island was created dynamically on Google Earth that, when zoomed in, revealed exclusive content. It has featured in many of the ‘Secret Places on Google Earth’ videos on Youtube and won several innovation awards at the time.

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