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My favourite OOH example of 2018 so far?

Dino Burbidge, director of technology and innovation, WCRS

Musicbed: targeted out-of-home campaign

The innovation and technology pouring into the OOH industry is making almost anything possible, but have you noticed that many of the biggest players in tech opt for some of the most basic media formats? Spotify, Facebook, Apple, eBay and Google all have monster campaigns using good-old paper and paste billboards. It’s as though they live in a world of infinite possibilities, so, like Neo seeing the Matrix, they can see through the sprinkles and get straight to the cake.

OOH, in its purist form plays by the old advertising adage, “right message, right place, right time” and Musicbed took it one step further than most: A paper and paste billboard, with a message to one person, in one location… just across the road from their office. That (influential advertising) person noticed the message, as did everyone (in advertising) in the building who shared it on social, as did everyone (in advertising) who works near. They get what’s going on. As did everyone online who got it too. Musicbed’s point, almost ironically, was the power of advertising. Their music platform understands and cares about making advertising personal so innovated a historically general medium and made it personal. All for £5,700. Smart.


Click this link for the full article published in The Drum

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