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Car MOT / TAX / Insurance reminder in EXCEL

We have a few vehicles at home. My wife uses one for work, I commute on a motorbike and have a bike for (rare) sunny days. If you’re anything like me, remembering when to tax, MOT or insure each vehicle is a right faff – especially working out which one is next.

So I created a basic Excel spreadsheet that does all the reminding stuff for me and thought it may be handy for others too. I actually have mine uploaded to a Google Sheet so it’s available as a bookmark from any of my devices.

All it requires is for you to enter the name of the vehicle and then the date it’s next due its MOT, road tax and insurance. The script will then tell you which one is up next and colour code the cell to highlight the order (darker colour is most urgent).

As soon as you update any of the dates (i.e. you just had an MOT), simply enter the new date and the script will tell you which vehicle is next up.

I’ve also added some extra (inert) columns to capture the one-off info like VIN number and insurance policy details, just in case.

Hope it’s useful!

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