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How to download YouTube videos, the easy way.

If you’re a fan of the Dinosaw weekly updates, you’ll notice I use a bunch of short video clips. These are all used under what’s known as “fair use” as I use them to report on an article, invention or whatnot. Often the videos are on YouTube. I used to screen record them, which was a real faff, but eventually came across 4k Video Downloader. What a time saver! Literally, just download it (it’s free), paste the YouTube URL and it does the rest. I then just open the video in Quicktime, trim a bit out and whack it in Powerpoint.

There’s a bunch of little applications which really help out, just when you need it and 4k Video Downloader is definitely one you need in your armoury.

Here’s how it works…

Start with your YouTube video and copy the URL
Paste it into 4k Video Downloader and wait for it to do its magic
Then just choose the quality or format and download. Simple!

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