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When 5 year old boys pack for Borneo…

We’re off on a family holiday to Borneo soon and my 5 year old son is especially excited. He sees orangutans as part of his extended family and is particularly looking forward to the creepy crawlies and snakes. He’s so excited in fact, that he took himself off to his bedroom for half an hour and packed his own suitcase. The contents give an interesting insight into the inner workings of a 5 year old boys mind.

Packing consists of…

  1. Chicken Little mini-wheely case
  2. Pair of Nike gold shin pads
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean wallet
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean sweatband
  5. Instantly expanding frisbee
  6. Ben 10 cards
  7. Wall-E pocket pinball game
  8. M&M circus master figure
  9. Home made ‘sock snake’
  10. Santa hat
  11. Pirelli cap
  12. Dinosaur egg with integral eyeball
  13. Sponge plane
  14. Assorted magnets
  15. Dragon heart jewel
  16. Plastic giant cockroach
  17. Vampire teeth
  18. Dinosaur (Ankylosaur)
  19. Beaded lizard keyring
  20. Fold-away magnifying glass
  21. Compass
  22. Wooden cage (for catching snake heads)

On first pass, pretty random. But with my Ray Mears hat on, not a bad spread. Reflective shin pads for signaling aircraft, cap to protect from the scorching sun, sweatband for temporary bandages, Ben 10 cards to sort out minor differences with fellow survivors / natives, home made sock to distract predators and so on. Even the S hat can be used to filter disease carrying particles from drinking water

Ok, maybe the M&M figurine is a bit superfluous but all in all, not bad.

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