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Stitched up by my own webcam!

Another strange webcam experiment! Click the image to launch it.

I take the raw cam feed, find what changes between frames and add a threshold filter to colour the bits that change to a solid red. I then simply loop through the pixels to see if any are red then use the pixel position to draw lines to and from, sampling the original image to get the correct line colour. Completely no use to anyone… but looks nice enough.


  • Hello,
    Im really impressed with the cool effects you achieve in flash. Im working with adding effects to webcam input too, and Id like to be able of recording the webcam edited videos…or record the original webcam video and edit after…do you know if is possible to achieve this??? thanks in advance,

  • Glad you liked it!
    As far as I know, it’s still not possible for Flash to record video via the webcam without a server to stream and capture the data to (aka Flash Media Server). However, there are a bunch of things that aren’t supposed to be possible… but have been done anyway!
    Jop Wielens over at showed me a simple demo a while back where he wrote the video data from the camera into successive bitmapData objects. Yes the video was a bit short, but it kinda worked. Given that you can now grab the audio stream in 10.1 player too, you should be able to do some basic video-style capture.
    You can also do all sorts of low-level tinkering with byte arrays, like adding headers to ‘lumps of data’ to make them appear to be video files and the like, but I’ll be the first person to admit that stuff is a little beyond me.
    Hope that helps.