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For Sale: Harris Matchless G80

UPDATE: This bike has been SOLD. Enjoy the pic though! ūüôā

Ok, so it’s been through the Ebay mill and thankfully it emerged without too much fuss. Definitely not the place to sell a bike like this! So now it’s back in the real world, I still don’t really know what this is worth, so make me an offer if you’re interested. Just get in touch using the message form at the bottom of this page.

For sale is a rare Harris Matchless G80 with electric starter and dual disc brakes at the front. These were the ‘special’ versions and very few were made and is considered a collectors item. A recent (boxed) machine without the electric start and duel discs recently went for ‚ā¨7900!

This example is in really nice condition. No rust. All chrome is in excellent condition except for a little pitting on the rear of the headlamp. Fresh MOT and 10 month’s tax. It’s ready to ride, it’s great fun and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

About the Harris Matchless G80: Matchless is one of the oldest marques of British motorcycles with the first models manufactured in 1901. The Harris Matchless G80 comes from the stables of the late Les Harris, a hugely respected British bike maker, known for resurrecting the Triumph Bonneville as well as the Matchless motorcycles in the 1980’s. He is often referred to as the “saviour of the British motorcycle industry”. The Matchless G80 has a long history stretching back to 1949 and Les bought the rights in 1988. The resulting Harris Matchless G80 is what you see on this listing. Most were kick-start only but some (as this one does) had twin disc brakes up front and an electric start. They were based on hand-build frames and a single cylinder 494cc Rotax air-cooled engine.

The specs:

  • 1988 Harris Matchless G80
  • First year of registration, 1988 (F plate)
  • 500cc single cylinder 4-stroke
  • Single overhead cam engine
  • Black with gold detail
  • 5 speed manual
  • Chain driven
  • Electric Start
  • Dual disc brake front, drum rear
  • Power 33Bhp
  • Mileage 6500
  • Taxed, Mot, V5 present

The bike basics:

  • Here is a video of it starting – STARTING THE MATCHLESS
  • Everything works
  • It has 10 months tax and a new MOT (until July 2011)
  • The engine is a 4 stroke, air cooled, single overhead cam with light alloy crankcases, cylinder barrel and head.
  • It has the electric starter (a real godsend!)
  • It also has a kick-start for the brave and patient
  • Performance wise, it’s really quite nippy. With your elbows in and a fair wind I suspect it’ll get up to 80-90mph.
  • It’s black with gold trim
  • All ‘bright work’ is in fantastic condition and polished
  • Rims are original and un-tarnished
  • Mudguards are also original, un-tarnished and have no slits or cracks
  • The exhaust is original and makes a great noise
  • Tyres are in great condition
  • Seat is also in excellent condition, no rips and trim is all present. Matchless logo on back is a little faded though, but to be expected.
  • It takes proper leaded petrol (via Dellorto 36mm carb) so ideally needs a cap full of fuel additive in each tank of unleaded (available at all petrol stations)
  • The toolkit is present and the tools are the originals. There’s a spare spark plug thrown in too.
  • It’s very light and easy to move around, especially if you find modern bike a bit of a handful.
  • It’s recently had a new crank case gasket and full oil change, so no oily drips on the floor.
  • It’s very light (150kg) and easy to move around, especially if you find modern bike a bit of a handful.
  • It was built when bikes were bikes… it’s simple to work on and a great introduction to classics without all the oil and bother.
  • It’s always been garaged and is only used on dry days.
  • I do have the original owner’s manual (supplied) but it has seen better days after getting damp. I do have all manuals on a CD-ROM.
  • I also have some basic leather throw-over panniers which I will include in the auction.

So why am I selling it?
I rode it precisely 161 miles last year and think it’s time for someone else to love it.

What needs a bit of TLC?

  • The rev counter tends to get a bit over-excited past 4000 revs. Not really investigated it but may provide a sunny Sunday’s tinkering.
  • The rear shocks could do with a service/refresh at some point.
  • Could do with a little fetteling or carb tweak maybe as it’s not been ridden much.

Payment and important stuff …

  • If you have any questions, please contact me by leaving a messaging (I will keep these private) or on O777O 918913.
  • Cash on collection
  • Bike will not leave my garage until all money is cleared.
  • Strictly no canvassers
  • Buyer collects unless by express agreement otherwise

And here are more photos …


  • May I ask when you sold the bike and what the selling price was. Today I am going to look at one that I may purchase and I need the data points.

    • Sorry David, only just spotted this! Months late but it sold it for ¬£2000 in the end. Hope that helps someone else out as I suspect it too late for you!

  • Hi Dino, just bought a Harris G80, red in mint cond + new rims,ss spokes, Mikuni, E/start and twin discs, in red with previous owners receipts for ¬£1900 odd spent out. Cost ¬£3000 but seems worth it, Regards Bruce