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Olympic Stadium seat/row guide, sort of…

I posted an article about visiting the 2012 Olympic Stadium and detailed the top 10 ‘things’ I found during my visit. Some good, some not so good.

One comment asked about seat allocation and after a few Gooogle searches, it turns out there is very little about where seat rows actually are. The block info is there, but nothing about which row you’re in and therefore how high or low your seat will be.

So looking at the photos I took on the day (and manually counting the seats) here’s what I can offer…

  • The seat numbers seem to start at 1 at track side and go up to 75 at the top of the stadium.
  • The bottom tier seems to go from 1-24 and the top tier is variable depending on the block you’re in and whether there is a middle tier but seat 75 seems to be at the highest seat value, so work backwards from there.
  • Seems weird but seats 25-30 don’t exist… unless you know better?

Hope that helps a little! Click the diagram above for a larger version btw.

And I’ve just found this fantastic diagram on the Guardian website of athletic events layout within the stadium itself. Should give you a good idea of what you’ll be closest to.

For what it’s worth, here’s a crude panorama of the view I had from Block 207, Row 57, Seat 454 (looking across to block 236). In the map above, we were just to the left of the 45-75 arrow at the very bottom of the image. Click to view the panorama larger.

London 2012 Olympic stadium panorama

DISCLAIMER: The image above is my attempt to add a little more detail to the official seating map and is in no way official. I’ve redrawn it from scratch so hopefully didn’t infringe any copyrights! It’s also not  fantastically accurate, so use it as a guide, but not as gospel. Let me know if I got any of the assumptions wrong!


  • Hi,
    Thanks for the useful info, we have tickets for block 208, Row 55 so I imagine our view will be similar to the picture you’ve posted. I was wondering if you had any more pictures from that rough location?
    Many thanks

    • Hi James, have added a quick panorama to give a slightly wider view. It’s doesn’t show the view ‘down’ though, so have kept the existing image, as the 100m track is in plain sight.

  • Well done, Dino, brilliant work. There are so many threads across the web with people looking for this information, and your diagram seems to be the only one showing this much detail.

    I managed to get athletics tickets, and will be in block 238 by the long jump pit hopefully. Just one thing though- I have been sad enough to count the rows of seats in that area and it looks to me more like 45 rows of seats in that block. I am hopeful that the top of all rows are 75, working down from there (in which case there will be no numbers 26-30 in my block and I will be 5 seat further forward than if they start at 26 and work up from there). Any concrete information on this Dino, or anyone?

    • I think your right there Neil. Just did a zoom / count session and looks like the bottom tier goes up to 24 (not 25) and there are definitely 45 rows in the top tier, so that makes the first seat on the balcony row 31. So rows 25-30 seem to be missing? Anyone got tickets to those seats who can shed som light on this?

    • Assuming the 200m race starts around the final bend and finishes at the 100m finish line, 238 would be a better seat for the start I guess. Maybe 235 is better for the finish as it’s more in line with the finish line. Both blocks are in the opposite side of the stadium though, so take a 300mm+ camera lens if you want to take pics! 🙂

  • anyone know where the Olympic flame is located please ? I got category B seats to the opening ceremony after July 17 so I am told my seats have slightly obstructed views – do you know more precisely what this means ? thanks !

  • Row info really reassuring. Got block 239 row 57 for Paralympics and worried may have been very back row. Not great when you hate heights!

  • I managed to get a ticket for the Athletics on Friday evening just this Monday – I’m in block 1, row 22 seat 396. Does anyone have any idea where block 1 is??

    • Block 1? Hmmm, only logic I can think is that it’s right near the start of the 100m lane, on the bottom tier or in that row marker M01? Complete guess though. Let us know when you find out though.

  • Hi, I am thoroughly confused with the seating plan, this is a great thread.

    I am confused as to whether I have very good seats or bad seats… I am Block 154 row 6. Can you help?

    • Block 154 Row 6 seems to be right by the *start* of the 100m track (on the final bend of the oval), and it’s really near the front, so depending what’s on (running-based is ideal), it could be a great seat. You’ll get a good view of the pole vault too. 🙂

  • Hi, I’ve been going through this thread with great interest and I’m impressed with the information coming through. Kudos to Dino for putting this together. Any views on Block 241 row 39. Sounds like I’m on the other side. Is this close to the start of 200m and how good a view is it? Many thanks!

    • Hi Tunde, I’ve just added a link to the main post as I found a great diagram on the Guardian’s website that shows where all the events are located.

      Looks like you’re in prime spot for the pole vault, shot put, discus, 200m, 3000 and 5000m starts, long jump, triple jump and the landing zones for the javelin from the other end of the stadium too. Not to mention the changeover for the relays. So your tickets are pretty good!

  • Hi Dino, this is a fantastic illustration! Gives a clearer picture of events in relation to the seating plans. Many thanks for all your help!

    Best rgds


  • Hey, ive got block 150 row 25 and I have a wheelchair in the party so maybe 25-30 is reserved for wheelchairs which would explain it maybe (sorry if this has already been cleared up) going tomoro so should know then so excited!!

  • Fantastic info from eveyone.
    I have seats in section 249 row 72 (not great). I think we may need some binoculars and oxygen. Tickets were a lottery and am pleased to be going. I think the rows of missing seats are underneath the upper tier. Great luck for anyone sitting down the home straight.

  • Absolutely great info. Just wondering why LOCOG didn’t make any of this useful info available. Im in Block 234 row 66, so I guess somewhere towards the back, more or less in line with the finish line. Not great, but I can’t wait to go Monday eve. Great info once again, Dino and others.

  • I had block 221 row 72 which was above the olympic flame, when the runnners come across the finish line and face the crowd on that bend there is block 221 on second tier even though we were pretty much at the back it was a cracking view, Ive got Paralympic tickets in 236 which is round by the long jump pit which is other side from the finish line 🙁 still i musnt be greedy, I was there for Ennis and Farah!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi,
    I have tickets that were Category C so mid range expense yet we’re in row 62 Block 217 which is really high up…. this doesn’t seem fair paying for C and getting seats verging on E. Anyone else experienced this ?

  • i had 3 cat b seats 625 626 and 627 . when i went to take my seat it didn’t exist. was informed casually that all the 625 seats didn’t exist. i had to leave my 2 kids in their seat while i walked round the stadium looking for the ticket resolution office (which was closed). then had to find the other ticket resolution office which was exactly at the other side of the stadium. got there long queue of people with same issue. their seats didn’t exist. eventually got 3 new tickets. had to go back and take my 2 kids out f their seats and locate our new seats.. missed the first half hour of the evening session. was told by steward that they had same issue in the morning session…DOH

    • Ah, man, that sucks. Really sorry to hear you had such a hassle, especially as your kids got the raw end of the deal too. Still, at least you saw some of it I guess. Still pretty annoying though.

  • Hi Dino, What does the colour coding mean? I am trying to decide between Block 201 Row 50 and Block 217 Row 38. Any advise?

    • Hi Sony, colour coding was just to try and identify the various blocks, wouldn’t worry too much about it. From your tickets, I’d probably go for 217 as it’s near the finish line. 201 is good but ‘sort of in the middle of the last corner’. But to be honest, just being there is a bonus! 🙂

  • Hi Dino

    Thank goodness I found your site, was really worried that I had not such great seats despite category B for Friday 10th evening. We are block 246 row 54 but look like we will be near the pole vault ( mens final ) and your shot of a comparable row whilst further round the stadium looks like we will see most of the action…. so thanks !!

  • Just got hold of last minute AA tickets for Friday night to find out that they are block 238 row 32
    Now I hope this is because the pole vault and the hammer are on that side but I find weird that AA tickets are opposite to the finishing line and in the second ring
    This looks like airline style sales ripping off people last minute

  • Interceptor: So I managed to get to Wednesday night in block 236 row 36.. it was a fantastic spot and you will be about 3/4 of the way down the far straight on the upper deck. (If you were running 400m on the inside lane you’d be about 275m through the race)

    One thing though, you NEED to bring a baseball cap, because the sun comes down super low at that time of night and shines straight in your face. Get some sunscreen too if you’re fair.

    Last one is that it’s actually some of the better seats as long as there’s no 100m/110mh or 200m, because you can see the whole track AND both screens really well. Sitting at the ends gives you a really bad view of the hammer and javelin and you can only see one screen. No chance of getting on the home straight either, it’s all reserved for press (from 65m-> finish) or VIPs

  • Hi Dino. Ypu have done a great job here – Thank You. I have AA tickets for the Closing Ceremony but I see they must be in the higher tier. Block 213. Row 32. Would be keen to have advice from anyone about these. They appear to be over M blocks. Perhaps the M blocks are media? I think row 32 seems reasonably low in most areas but above the media area may be higher. Thanks

  • Hi,
    Know it’s a late post but just got home !! Cannot praise the whole Olympic experience enough, no queues for anything at all. Lots of people to help you with anything.

    As for your seats, whatever you paid you will get a seat commensurate with your grading, it’s a completely different experience to watching on the TV and you will see everything ! Sadly on Friday, there were no medals for team GB and the 100M relays mens were disqualified, but we could see that anyway!(that they had not run the race properly!)

    If you’re still reading this post you will, whatever your ticket grade, have a fabulous time and I am so impressed with the audience participation in all that we saw,never thought we’d be so capivated by the pole vault !


    What the hell are we going do next week ?


  • Hi.
    I have tickets for the paralympics athletic finals. My tickets are for block 104, row 1. I’ve been trying to work out exactly what we’ll be able to see but can I assume thats right at the front of the 100m track? Also the seat numbers are in the 400’s, is there that many seats on 1 row, in 1 block????

    • Yeah, not quite sure how the seat numbers actually work. We were about 10 seats into our block and our seats started at 451. Maybe they run around the stadium along each row. Either way, don’t think they mean anything much other than identifying your seat (obviously!). Great tickets by the way! 🙂

  • Hey – random question. How many seats in a row in a block? Any idea? I have tickets for the Paralympics for block 240 and have found out my ex has tickets for block 242. We *cannot* see each other at all (I will be lynched) so if it’s only approx 8-10 seats per row in a block (based on 40 rows in each block) then we could well be only 10 people apart and if this is the case I’m going to have to give my tickets away 🙁 If you have any thoughts I’d really appreciate it! Can check exact seat numbers later …

    • Lol! Now that is a conundrum. From the images I took, there are roughly 25-30 seats per row in block 242. The stadium is dish shaped (obviously!) so there are less seats at the bottom and more towards the top. So worst case scenario, assuming your both on the closest edges of your blocks, you’ll be about 25 people away. Best case, you’ll be 90 apart. Or just wear a big hat. Good luck!

  • Thanks Dino – thought you may like that one! Found out it’s actually blocks 232 and 240, row 60something, so with my rudimentary GCSE maths that’s a minimum of approx 175 seats between us. I should be fine – although I may go with the big hat idea anyway, just in case 😉 Great blog btw …

  • Thanks for this Dino brilliant blog. Will be interesting to see the Paralympics event layout – i’m going on 1st Sep and most of the track events that evening are 100m and 200m, so hoping from block 241 we’ll see the 200m start at least, but bit far away for all the 100m… though not as far as my family in block 235?!

    • Have no idea what the closing ceremony has in store for us for the Para Olympics! 🙂 But 243 is as good as any I guess and row 41 is only 10 seats back from the balcony, so you’re pretty close to the action… assuming there’s nobody with an afro in front of you.

  • hi dino.
    Really impressed with your blog.
    Ive got a ticket block 240 row34 closing ceremony paralympics. I will be on my own.Someone has let me hoo
    Please could you let me know if its a good seat and not a million miles up. I do have a problem with hieghts this was the only seats i could find. Also during the performance any chance me moving to a spare seat? Assuming no one has purchased it.

    • It’s 4 rows up from the balcony, so probably the best set to get a good view without being too high. From where I was (row 50-something) it didn’t feel high as you kinda looked across a sea of people and didn’t really see a ‘drop’ at any point. I.e. it felt like you were on a slope, not a cliff. So think you’ll be fine! 🙂 As for moving to a spare seat, you’re pretty close to the balcony, so you;ll only have a few seats in front of you anyway, so the benefits would be a minimal. You’d probably need to go down to the bottom tier (block 140 / 141) to make any real difference, which means going to an entirely different block (down the stairs). Deffo give it a try, you never know, but I think you’ll be ok with the balcony. They’ll be plenty of people to keep your mind off it. 🙂

  • Hi dino, I am block 232 row 32 for the closing ceremony I have the option of block 138 row 1 what would you say is better. Thanks

    • They’re both pretty similar in terms of location (half way round the back straight) but row 1 is right on the track-side and row 32 is one row up from the first balcony. Row 1 would have been great for the athletics as it’s close to the action but for the closing ceremony, I assume you’d want to be a bit higher up to you can see more, so Block 232 row 32 woulds a better bet. Just a hunch though! Have fun!

  • Hi Dino, thanks so much for your blog and explanation. I have the option of either block 126 or 151 for the athletics on Friday and was wondering which would be better?
    Thank you

  • Hi,
    I got two ticket:
    1 Full price 242 60 261 £100.00
    2 Full price 156 20 517 £100.00
    Very different places but in the same price category. Why are they in the same category? Which one is better for the paralympic closing ceremony?
    Thank you.

    • Tricky one. No idea how the pricing works but they are generally the same sort of seat, sort of. I.e. the 242 seat is quite high – 10 rows from the back on the top tier and the 156 seat is 4 from the back on the lower tier. So they are both ‘towards the back’ on each tier. That may be the logic I guess. So which one would be better? The 156 is closer to the action but depending on the closing ceremony concept, you may want more of a birds-eye view in 242? Maybe a minor thought would be clear view of a video screen for the inevitable close-ups. 156 will give you a screen at the far side (a bit far away) or behind you in the upper tier (hidden from 156). The 242 seat gives you quite a good view of both screens. So on balance, maybe 242 is the better one. I was in row 50 (10 in front of your seat) and the view was fine, especially if you have a camer with a decent zoom. Hope that helps!

  • Hi

    Can someone help me out a bit here

    I have 2 tickets for tommorow, in the Olympic park

    They are both in row 66, but one is seat number 1 and the other is 866.

    Are we next to each other or as far away as we sound?


    • Hi Kaz, I never did get a straight answer to the seat number thing, they seem to be a bit bonkers. Are you in the same block at least? If it helps, there are roughly 25-30 seats per row in each block. Anyone else got any info?

    • Row 50 actually gives a great view. I was up at 56 so the photo in the blog post is about what you’ll see. It’s 20 seats from the back and unless it’s absolutely howling gales, you should be well covered, both for sun and rain. Have fun!

  • We’re in Block 242 Row 55 for the closing ceremony so from the sound of it we can all jump up and down and give each othe a bit of a wave on Sunday night – I can’t wait just the fact that Coldplay are playing such a big part gives me the feeling that the Summer of Sport is going to go out with a real bang!

  • Decisions, decisions. Choice for tomorrow. Which is best for 100m. Block206 row 55
    Block 242 row 35
    Block 234 row 39
    Any help gratefully recieved!
    Thanks in advabce

  • I have tickets for stadium entry code A Block 212 Row 59 as I have a problem with heights can anyone tell me am I going to have to give up my ticket or will I be ok.

    • If it helps, the top tier feels pretty big with a lot of people in front of you on a gentle slope, so it didn’t feel like a ‘high place’, more looking down a slight hill. There are no edges or drops to look over, so the sense of ‘height’ is quite subtle.
      Realistically, the top seats probably feel the same as the lower ones. 212 is a good block though!

  • Hi Dino this is great!! please can you help me! i have 16 tickets to closing paralympics cermemony for my family and friends. I want to keep the best 8 tickets for family.

    which would be best to keep?

    Block 156 Row 14 seat 524-527
    Block 156 Row 18 seat 515-518
    Block 202 Row 63
    Block 202 Row 75

    With the closing ceremony im confsed if it is better to be higher up so you can get a better aerial view.

    many thanks in advance

    • Hmmm, tough. Initially I’d have said go high, but the tickets you have are quite high. Two trains of thought. Go high and get the overview and great photos, then watch the detail back on TV later. Or go low, get close to the action… and watch the wide view back later on TV. On balance, given your exact tickets, I think I’d go low in your case… 156 row, especially as there will be the athlete walk past, so close is probably better than higher for that. But that’s such a hunch, it’s silly. Still, 16 tickets! Good work! 🙂

  • suprisingly all the tickets i bought abover were £100 yet they are in compleltely different levels! i paid £20 for closing olympic tickets row 75! and this time i have row 75 again when i paid £100…. very odd system

  • thanks dino! been great help!!

    if anybody still wants tickets i recommend they use
    thats how i got my 16 tickets 🙂

    they released some today around 12.30pm they were £100 closing ceremony.

  • Hi
    Thanks a million for the seating plan. We have tickets for the Anniversary Games and very grateful for your seating plan. We have not got great seats but just want to experience the Olympic Stadium as we couldn’t get tickets for Olympic Athletics.

  • I am going to the Olympic Anniversary Games at end of month. Need help with seat numbers as we have several tickets that need to be distributed before event. Can see lots of discussion about blocks and rows but do individual seat numbers run clockwise or anti-clockwise ?

  • Going to the Paralympic Anniversay Games on Sunday – and your seating plan is still useful (and still the most detailed online!).

    Thank you!

  • Hi Dino thanks for your useful seating plan I’m going to london 2017 to see Bolt.. which block is better 214 or 215 and would you recommend getting lower seating if it becomes available ?