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How to remove the front panel from a Samsung RS series fridge

Here’s the latest in the series of my “I fixed it and here’s how I did it” articles. This time it’s a Samsung RS21JGRS fridge freezer. The ice dispenser ‘flap’ came loose and stopped the ice coming out. Quick search on t’internet didn’t yeald much so in the spirit of sharing, here’s how it’s done. This is also the way to get to the water nozzle, change the face plate etc. and is relevant for most RS21 models I guess.

You should also know I’m not a freezer engineer, this will mess with your warranty, I’m not liable for any damage or harm you cause etc. Use this as a guide, what you do with it is up to you. The photos below show the electricity being on… you should probably switch yours off! It only takes 10 mins or so to do the whole procedure, so nothing will defrost in that time. Remember, safety first kids!

Step 1: The freezer door of your fridge/freezer should look something like this… with water dispenser on left and ice on the right.

Step 2: First up, push the tip of the water tube backwards to release it from the plastic housing. It kinds pops out but don’t push it too far back, it’s just to release it.

Step 3: Use a blunt, fat screwdriver blade and insert it in any of the two slots under the main faceplate. It’s important the screwdriver (or other tool) isn’t too sharp or scratchy as it may mark the main fridge surface if it slips. Very gently but firmly, lever the panel outwards (pull screwdriver handle towards you). It should make a loud pop as the tabs let go. Try not to twist the screwdriver as this may cause small dents in the plastic. It’s a bit disconcerting at first but it does work.

Step 4: Work your way around. There are four on each side. See the image on step 6, the notches are there the ‘pops’ that should happen.

Step 5: Wiggle the panel out. There is an electronic connector at the back with a clip holding it on. Lever up the clip and push the connector apart. This will separate the panel completely. Put it somewhere safe.

Step 6: Should look something like this…

Step 7: Undo the two (maybe three) screws holding the plastic panel in place and hinge it out as shown. You can unclip the wires if you like, but you really don’t have to with this technique.

Step 8: To get the panel out of the way, I taped it to the handle…

Step 9: The ice flap has a long hinge pivot on the left and a short on on the right. If you need to remove the flap, push the right side towards the left (or prise it with the big screwdriver you used earlier) to free the right-had pivot.

Step 10: Once free, pull it towards you a little and to the right to release the longer left pivot. Watch out for the little spring thing. Put your finger under it to stop it going ping. Be careful to pull the flap directly towards you once free, as the funny white lever on the left hand side needs to slip out of the hole without snagging.

Step 11: Flap removed…

Step 12: And finally: When you reassemble, you have to be careful to do three things at once while refitting the flat. First, put the funny lever on the left in the hole. Second, make sure the spring lever is pulled back and has some tension on it… and is to the left of the slight fin on the roof of the housing. Lastly, make sure the left pivot (the longer side) goes in first. Once you have all three checked off, just push in the right side to engage the right pivot. Job done! Now assuming you’ve switched off the electricity, you may notice the strange lever on the left won’t go in the hole. This is the delay mechanism you hear after it dispenses ice. It will only release when there’s power and the microswitch on the panel has been activated (i.e. when it’s all back together again). If it stays out as pictured, just push it upwards to release the ratchet thing and the flap should pop back flush to seal the hole.

Parts: If you need to replace the flap, it looks like this…  Part # DA63-00410A and are about £10. Last place I found one was in the Netherlands here.


  • Just googled this and found your instructions! You are a superstar, I have just fixed the solenoid housing problem on my Samsung RS21, thankyou very much!!!

  • thanks mate easy job with your instructions and saved me a small fortune from rip off britains call out merchants

  • Thanks! I could not figure out how to get to the back of the display. I still have a problem that the soenoid does not get power. The solenoid is OK, but the delay mechanism or relay does not work. I removed the solenoid. At least now the flap closes, but it will probably keep the last ice cube behind the flap.

    Thanks again.

  • Many thanks for the great instructions!! It made changing the ice flap very simple and saved me the cost of a call out. The part was only £9.99. Your a star!!

  • Outstanding advice. Thank you. Managed to reset the fiddly spring thing which popped out when my daughter was over enthusiastic. Discovered a screw which had been missed in construction!

  • Hi,
    Great instructions. Can you tell me how and where the spring goes for the water lever? I have a new part but no reference as the original was broken.

  • Thank you with your instructions managed to change the circuit board £50
    which had stopped the fridge from changing temperature. Would have cost a new fridge which I wouldn’t have been same size meaning new cupboards.
    Saved a fortune thank you

  • Had same problem with mine ended up damaging mine a little had to get on to samsung who sent out a service company in london agsrefrigeration they came and fix it why can’t these manufacturers make everthing so difficult i think they do it on purpose it’s in their interest i suppose it keeps their spare parts going.

  • Hi ,
    That’s fantastic, you saved me a fortune on call out charges.
    The only thing you did not mention, and other may have the same problem, is once the front panel is on, initially you will get just one flashing straight light, near the temperature.
    Press and hold the top to buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds – this re-sets everything and the display lights up again

  • After searching the web looking for a way to remove the trim cover, I stumbled across your site, which helped out a tone. With your instructions, I was able to remove the trim ring and get to the water line. I have to say thank you for taking the time to add pictures, they helped out.. Great instruction.

    • Hi, how did you remove the waterline from the silver tube thing? I got the face off but can’t seem to get the waterline out? Any help would be great!

  • I head to bed tonight so grateful to the author of this website. He or she gave excellent instructions with pictures. At first I was unsure had I the confidence to proceed. Well taking the bullet by the horns, got stuck in and am delighted. Got the flap working again but where one presses the glass is where my problem arose. It was accidentally pulled instead of pushed when getting ice and slipped out. Got it back in and once again thanks so much. Ml.

  • You are a lifesaver. I have a different model but with a similarly trimmed thru-door ice/water unit. There are lots of videos on removing the trim on whirlpools etc ,but not Samsung. Your clear descriptions gave me the confidence to pull off the trim and fix my ice flap- different but similar idea.


  • Thanks so much for these clear and accurate instructions! I thought I would need a call out for the ice flap that wouldn’t close because I pulled instead of pushed the tongue for ice. Your help not only saved me lots of otherwise wasted money, but the aggravation and time to find and then deal with a service engineer. I had your instructions on my iPad right by my side. The only little change I made was to use a butter knife instead of a screwdriver to remove the panel. But I’m sure a screwdriver would work just as well. Thanks again.

  • The best help for the problem is yours with the photos but how can I get the spring tensions to pull the flap back, thank you a lot

  • Just found these instructions, they have saved me so much time and probably saved me from breaking something and getting her indoors on my case again,
    Thank you again
    You are a star

  • Does anyone have any knowledge as to where I can find a replacement ice chute cover thing?

    I think the part no. is DA63-00410A, but most places I tried seemed to suggest that the part is no longer available.

    It’s possible I might just need to get the chute cover to “snap back” into the opener/closer mechanism, but I fancied to get a spare one of these, just in case there is more wrong with it than I can see, just by looking up the chute!

  • You’re a legend. 🙂
    I had a stuck flap, but not any more. 🙂
    Many thanks

    As Kev lucky said on:
    September 5, 2015 at 11:12 am

    Just found these instructions, they have saved me so much time and probably saved me from breaking something and getting her indoors on my case again,
    Thank you again
    You are a star

  • So pleased to find this. Been looking for ages. It’s the exact problem on my exact fridge. Can’t wait to try it and finally have the flap close and stop the freezer from icing up and jamming with ice

  • Thanks for this – saved me a fortune. I discovered that my problem was that the solenoid that forces the flap closed was rusty and so not releasing properly.

    That means that frost forms in the freezer and ice chute quickly making the whole thing useless.

    The solution was to remove the solenoid – one screw to the left of the flap. The metal cylinder will then fall out. Give it a clean and lube with cooking oil. Put it all back together and all works great again!

  • Anyone tell me how to remove the front off of a RSG5UUBP the front panel is much smaller and I can’t see anywhere on the net with instructions

  • Thank you so much for the excellent instructions!
    Son had a party and his friends managed to break the ice dispenser.
    All sorted now.
    Thank you.

  • Great instructions and photos. Followed them to the letter and found that the pivots had disconnected and the flap was lying loose – fortunately no parts were broken or needed to be replaced. Reconnected everything and now the ice dispenser is as good as new. The only disappointment was felt by my wife – she had hoped that she would get a new fridge freezer because the dispenser wasn’t working!

    • Reading your post reminded me of the epic battle I had with my fiance when we first moved in together. I like keeping my dairy products all together like you, whereas he likes them all spaced out. For months I just let it go, but your post is making me want to organize our fridge sensibly once and for all!

  • Wow – thanks so much for these instructions…
    Our ice dispenser flap was jammed open following a New Years Eve party and I really could not figure out how to access the internal mechanism. Meanwhile the freezer was slowly frosting up due to the ice chute being constantly open.

    I’d almost given up and was dreading the cost of calling someone out – or even worse, the expense of a new fridge / freezer as ours is pretty old now.

    Luckily, I stumbled across your brilliant instructions and within an hour the ice dispenser was fixed. Problem solved, fridge freezer as good as new and at no cost.

    Thanks once again.

  • Thank you very much for your instructions. We had the same problem with the ice flap coming loose and creating an ice buildup in the freezer.
    All fixed now, you saved us a small fortune.

  • Wonderful instructions.!

    I had similar problem to most comments, ice lever flap had come off. Not broken, just out of the pivot holes. Clipped back in, all good..!

    I will be honest, it was a lot dirtier with like coke splashes etc. All clean now.

    Many thank

  • Another successful repair using these instructions. Solenoid had rusted up, cNow cleaned and lightly greased and back in full working order.. top guidance, thanks for your help.

  • Your instructions were a life saver for replacing the ice chute paddle which had broken. Thanks for your clear pictures and wording.

  • You are the best man! Thanks to your explanation I could solve and fix the problem with my fridge!! Thanks a lot from London UK

  • Finally fixed my flap!
    I had freezing inside my ice chute due to flap not closing. Found this following an internet search and it was VERY helpful. I had trouble finding a new part so I bought a used salvaged part and using the instructions fixed it, and it is fine now. Thank You (Samsung RS21DCSV)

  • great instructions, gave me the push i needed to pry the front panel open and try to fix the broken supports for the water dispenser paddle – those small bridge-like shapes which house the paddle´s pivot. Replacement parts are almost impossible to get so i sculpted it with resin, which is curing as I type this…not sure if it works but your instructions really helped to get there.