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The Harris Matchless G80 lives…

My job may be digital but I love nothing more than being up to my elbows in spanners and oily rags. “Come the Revolution” every bloke should know how to strip an engine, do an oil change and reset the cam timings… right?

Thanks to the guys on the forum at Real Classic I managed to unstick the clutch of my new plaything, a 1988 Harris Matchless G80 (the one with electric start and twing front discs). Those who know me would know this is not my usualy taste in bikes, but it was entrusted to me by a sadly departed ‘old boy’, so I’m giving it a good home in his honour.

So, like a kid with a new toy, I couldn’t wait for the new clutch case gasket to arrive so I assembled it anyway just to ride it up the road and back (yes I know the sprocket cover is still off). Very cool sound. Nice ‘fut, fut, fut’ from the 500cc Rotax single. Lots of people stopped and chatted. Annoyingly, I’ve got to take it all apart again to fit the new gasket, but at least I know the drill now. Will take some photos of the procedure to help any other poor soul doing battle with a Rotax 504 E strip down.

Anyhoo, a few pics to show you what it looks like…